The one and only Clyde

12 Feb

Circa March 2007 a very tiny Clyde was born in Mississippi. Clyde lived a traumatizing and homeless couple weeks without his mother before being rescued by our own Eric.

Eric saw Clyde and company along the side of the road and immediately stopped to help. Being only able to capture two of the four wily Catahoula’s along the side of the road, they were brought home and lovingly named Bonnie and Clyde.

Bonnie continues to lead an exciting southern lifestyle in Mississippi with a loving family while Clyde resides in Rhode Island.

What makes Clyde special?

We laugh but it’s sad too, because Clyde is afraid of EVERYTHING. We’re talking strollers, strangers, bikes, a blowing breeze, certain men, I could go on…When I run with Clyde it’s pretty much a certainty that at some point I’m going to eat pavement from him getting scared of something and taking me out.

He’s also the laziest, sweetest dog with a ton of personality. As a baby he was a bit of a handful, always running off on Eric. Today he still runs away to his favorite areas like the dirty pond behind the house, but he knows where his home is.

Clyde was a lot lighter gray as a baby, but we still remember silver Clyde.


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