And then there were two – the arrival of Tex

15 Feb

When you are lucky enough to know a dog like Clyde you think to yourself, we should get another one just like him. You also should prepare yourself for the fact that it’s a mixed bag out there and all Catahoula’s are different.

If you’ve ever heard of the children’s book “Chester’s Way” by Kevin Henkes – this is sort of our life. I’ll break it down for you here. Chester is well behaved and predictable – he cuts his peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the diagonal every day, he likes croquet and making his bed. And then Lily moves into the neighborhood and she likes cutting her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into shapes like stars and carrying a squirt gun “just in case”, among other wacky behaviors. See where I’m going here? Clyde is Chester, Tex is Lily?

We reached out to a company called Rescue Road Trips in Texas when we were first Catahoula searching. We knew that most Catahoulas came from down south because they are historically a Louisiana breed and also there are a lot more high kill shelters, not to mention homeless dogs running around down south. We told them we were looking for a Leopard Spotted Catahoula, but not necessarily a puppy. A couple days later, they told us they had rescued a dog from a local Texas dog warden’s office, which they frequent, as dogs who are picked up by the dog warden must be claimed by an owner or rescue organization or they are put down. This was the first picture they sent us:

(notice the all black leg – most assuredly a sign of wackiness)

They had given him the name Thibidoux or Tibby for short, but we knew he wasn’t a Tibby. What’s great about the Rescue Road Trips people (one of the million), is that they have foster parents all over the U.S. that house these dogs until they can be adopted. So while Tex was being neutered and checked out, he was recovering and in the presence of loving owners, dogs and cats. Tex journeyed to us in a large crated truck from Texas to Connecticut with Rescue Road Trip’s driver Greg, who even sleeps in the truck with the dogs at night! The first time I saw Tex I burst into tears; I’ve never seen a dog so jauntily pop his head out of a crate as Tex did. And I had also never seen a dog on the east coast that looked like Clyde and Tex definitely did! He was friendly and loving to us immediately; he’s also a handful, to put it mildly.

Pictures from pick-up day (see the truck in the background):


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