Clyde and the flour sack (among other antics)

14 Jun

With a title like that, you can only pray that I have the amazing pictures to accompany it. Alas, I do not. So you’re stuck with the second-hand recount. I hesitate to say out loud (slash on a blog) how much of a handful Clyde is because that would be admitting that we are lucky to enough to have two of the craziest Catahoula’s around. As a baby, Clyde was a lot of work; whether that was because he was a puppy or because he belongs to a crazy clan of Catahoula’s, is now becoming less and less clear. Over the beginning Clyde years, the Beauregard family (including my pre-Beauregard self) religiously repeated to ourselves that after two years, Cat’s calm down. “It just takes two years.” “After two years, it’s like a switch turns off and they’re no longer crazy.” (Ah the old switch theory). “I even read it on Wikipedia, two years and then boom, good dog-ville.” I’ll tell you what’s crazy; drinking from THAT two-year Koolaid cup.

Here he is now…TRESPASSING.

catahoula dog

Here’s a little story I call – Clyde and the sunroom couch cushions otherwise titled “yes we did want to buy new cushions”.

Background: Mark left for work while Lori was still in bed, dutifully letting baby Clyde out to go to the bathroom before he left, only Clyde had secretly only done half of his business.

From an e-mail entitled “Clyde Pooped”:

“Yea poor clydee, he did ask my mom to go out but she didn’t get out of bed so he took it upon himself to poop on the couch….silly clyde.”

Poor Lori, she had to learn her lesson the hard way that baby Clyde doesn’t mess around.

catahoula puppy

Baby Clyde and the off leash debacle

E-mail from the hard to ruffle Eric:

“I am so P.O.ed right now……Clyde has officially lost all of his “off leash” privileges for the next week.  He was running around like an idiot and I couldn’t catch him for like 15 minutes, It made me very angry.”

catahoula rescue

Clyde and the comforter – part VII

Family lore: It has been said that every comforter in the Beauregard house has been dry cleaned at least three times thanks to our friend Clyde. Eric’s first road trip with Clyde (From Mississippi to the east coast) found them spending the night in Washington D.C., where (cousin) Jason was woken up to Clyde peeing all over the airbed/comforter he was sleeping on.

Baby Clyde sure does love comforters….

catahoula leopard hound puppy

No I don’t like dresses, thank you for asking.

Recount from Lori: The B’s eat out most Thursday nights with some good friends, Jack and Deb, who have a Westie named Franklin. So they all meet up at the B’s, drop the Westie off to hang with Clyde and go out for a nice meal. Just that day, Debbie brought over a dress she had just bought for a wedding and wanted to get Lori’s opinion on it. She set it on the dining room table in the shopping bag she’d brought it in before she left. When she returned it was strewn about the living room, undamaged, as if someone had been upset about it being on the dining room table. We never did find out which dog did it.

Clyde’s been known to pilfer items off the counter – watches, cell phones, bluetooth headsets, doesn’t matter really… in fact that brings me to my next tale.

Clyde and the flour sack

Recount: It seems that while a “switch” might have been turned off between years 2.5 and 3.5, the switch has now been turned back on. One line I’m starting to hear more frequently around Clyde stories is “I just don’t know what’s gotten into him”. Over Christmas, Lori bought a large sack of flour to bake with, not being able to store the large bag elsewhere, it sat, unnoticed (?) on the back of her kitchen counter until just last week. Franklin was visiting again, so we’re not entirely sure of who influenced whom to remove the bag of flour from the kitchen counter, but never the less, the bag was removed and similar to the dress, strewn about the living room as if an interior decorated had decided that throwing flour around your house was “all the rage”.

Robin Hood aka Clyde

You know Robin Hood was a classy fellow always “stealing from the rich and giving to the poor”! Our Clyde has some of those same tendencies. I’ve noticed small things, that may just have been “accidental”, whenever Clyde comes to stay at our house, although most of his antics do occur at the B’s. Just last week I noticed some green shreds of plastic around my house, I knew that at some point the mystery would be solved and sure enough when I was vacuuming behind the couch I found a package that reminded me that I had purchased two rawhides from the supermarket. If the person you’re stealing from is rich in rawhides, then it’s really not stealing if you give it to someone who is very poor in rawhides.

Our hero:


One Response to “Clyde and the flour sack (among other antics)”

  1. Missy June 15, 2011 at 12:34 am #

    Jesse, I absoloutely love this post!!! It reminds me why I love my crazy Catahoula’s…espically the one about the comforters; I think I’ve dry cleaned the three we own at least 3 times each! And as for the pooping on things, there is a reason we own the “dog couch”…they seem to aim for it (thank god the ikea covers are washable!) as for that rumor of calming down, we drank that koolaid too…Lu has reverted to her old ways and Chance hasn’t stoped since we adopted him (no off-leash time for these two!)…glad to know that there are others out there who love this crazy breed as much as we do! Miss you and your crazy pack!

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