Rising To The Top

26 Apr

A true story about guts, guile, and determination.

black cat

It’s ironic that Bob Dylan had never met my cat Martini, when he produced an album called “The Times They Are A Changin'” because that’s what we say around the Beauregard house these days.

It definitely started with Martini making the occasional trip upstairs leading to an occasional fluff (re: The Mayor’s Guide). It progressed to her never going downstairs, ever, to the point where I had to ask her “umm, are you double sure you don’t have to use your litter box? Because I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it’s been 48 hours.”

Then the gruesome twosome upped the ante even more, to the point where they started to get into a little trouble together, hence our next guide:

The Mayor’s Guide to Sharing the Blame

Catahoula Hound Dog

Deny. That’s how you left the string, we swear!

Catahoula and cat

Panic. I mean, I think that’s how you left it.

Catahoula and Cat 2

Insert stink eye.

Black cat

Try to call up your cat like attitude. Does it look like I did it, b*tch?

Tex and Martini

Stand closer to share innocence. You’re in this together!

Tex and Martini in trouble

You guys want to play too?

Catahoula Hound Dog and Cat

String or cat, string or cat, string or cat? Gaaaaaaa.

Catahoula Hound and cat

Sigh. We love string.


Once, you’ve made the cut (being upstairs with the dog for any length of time), you’ve made it. You can sit anywhere you please if you’re Martini. Heck, dogs favorite window seat? No problem.

cat and dog   cat and dog 2


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