Working Dogs

14 Jun

There’s a few conversations that Tex and I get to have all the time.

“No, I wouldn’t like you to lick all the dishes in the dishwasher.”

“It would be great if you could just not harass the cat for say… 5 minutes.”

“Don’t drink out of my water glass. Oh, crap. Are you out of water? Okay, help yourself please.” (He literally only does this when he’s out of water, which is err, never)

“Why don’t you relax on the couch while I do some housework? You look like you’ve had a long day.”

“Oh really, you want to go for a walk? I missed the subtle nosing of the leash on the table.”

“Don’t shake your hairy bed all over my clean floor, you’re not the one who vacuums.”

Despite the fact that dogs can’t do much to help you around the house (and if you don’t have kids they’re usually the source of the mess), nor do they care about having the same conversation 3,124,659 times; I’m not complaining. They’re totally and completely worth it for all the funny, cute, [insert more words for awesome] and loving things they do.

This past weekend, post Warrior Dash, we took the dogs for a little jaunt down to the beach to see if we could get our visitor, Jax, to try out his new talent of swimming. When we discovered a slab of wood on the beach, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to tempt them into going for a dip. Tex has historically, not been a good fetching dog. We bring cheap/free toys to the beach, occasionally, on the off chance that he feels like fetching that day, but the chances of watching the toy float away in the ocean and bringing it home with you, are just as likely. I think these pictures prove, we’ve just been going at this whole ‘fetch’ thing from the wrong angle. Don’t ask a working dog to simply return a frisbee to you, ask him to get that slab of wood out of the water and help do his part to clean up the beach.

Pictures provided by the lovely and talented: Mom

catahoula and lab swim

tex with a board

catahoula hound dog working

tex and jax swim

They were holding this together but we didn’t catch the moment in time.

jax swims

You are learning young grasshopper.

lab swimming

The Warrior Dash crew, earlier in the day:

warrior dash new england 2012


2 Responses to “Working Dogs”

  1. whereimstaying June 14, 2012 at 8:15 pm #

    Oh I love these!! Love the post. I have a child and a dog, so they both make a nice mess for me to tackle while them and their hard worked selves relax on the couch 🙂 I can relate, if only a little!

  2. racudd June 14, 2012 at 10:33 pm #

    Lovely pictures… you made Jax look like a pro!

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