Is This Real Life?

21 Aug

We’re watching Clyde this week while the B’s vacation abroad and Martini has just about had it with this “boys only” club. Previously, two dogs in the house were enough to send Martini back to the basement, hiding in the shelves for safety, remaining there for at least a week after said dog had left. Now, she’s sharpened the claws and moved to the back of the couch where she doesn’t take any nonsense from any “thing” (yeah, yeah so what else is new?).

catahoula hound dogs

When we left the clingers this past Saturday for some clamming, they were all there to see us off.

Clamming in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Obviously helping clam in the rain.

Digging for clams (with gloves this time!).


And in case you missed it a few days earlier…the best nurse in the world for someone recovering from a quadruple wisdom tooth extraction (are you loving the cheeks in this picture?). I have to say that from the moment I arrived home from the dentist, Tex was looking at me like, umm…guys? Something’s not right here. Insert Tex jumping up and down to get a closer look at the offensive new face. After the initial shock and Novocaine wore off, Tex (and Eric… can’t forget the epic treatment I got from him) was just as thrilled to be lying around cuddling as he is to go to the beach and do dog things. Couldn’t have asked for two better nurses.


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