The Sunset Chasers

9 Nov

I am finally ready to admit that fall has arrived, which means that Tex and I have to put a little extra effort into getting to see those beach sunsets after work. Being a man of routine, the Mayor likes for me to come home, feed him dinner, and let him outside, in that order. Don’t bother to take your coat off or set your work things down, just get to the main event!

But on days where I can see the neon pinks and purples of the sky coloring the trees on our little lake across the street, I know that we have no time for things like dinner and bathrooms, we’ve got to get down to the beach to see that sunset. I leave all my work stuff in the car, I run to the door, I surprise Tex by grabbing the leash and we run down to the beach to make sure we can see the sun set.

It was brilliant the other day. One of my favorites (who are we kidding, they’re all my favorites) and I’m lucky to have grabbed my nice camera to get some shots of the Mayor.

I love when the water takes on the color of the sunset.

Catahoula Hound Dog

Catahoula Hound Dog 2
These are his warning ears. As in, I’m warning you to stop taking 2,000 pictures of me and the water and get moving or I will embarrass you on this beach.

Leopard Spotted Catahoula
Speaking of embarrassing, the last couple times we’ve been down to the beach, Tex has been off leash and has managed to find all of the dead creatures of the day and do his business on them. I’m not kidding. After peeing on three dead horseshoe crabs (horseshoe crabs die at the end of summer), he finally found one that was dead on its back and literally pooped inside of its shell. I couldn’t believe it! Am I supposed to just take the whole shell with me? Thanks buddy.

Luckily all the horseshoe crabs were gone when we returned last week, but Hurricane Sandy must have left a dead bird because sure enough the Mayor took a dump right on the dead bird. It’s a really lovely habit.

Sooo that’s why he’s on a leash in these pictures.

Dog at the beach

Happy Sunset Chasing…


3 Responses to “The Sunset Chasers”

  1. bigkosydar November 11, 2012 at 6:28 am #

    my dogs pee on seaweed. granted i don’t have to clean that up, but i feel your pain.

  2. lola December 9, 2012 at 5:49 am #

    the pictures are magnificent!! whats the setting? ( you dont have to be specific, i just want to get a general idea so i could visit it with my family) 🙂


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    […] night into Sunday, we got our first real snowfall in Rhode Island in some time! Besides sunsets, the Mayor and I also enjoy snow and couldn’t wait to get outside Sunday morning to enjoy the […]

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