The Mayor’s Snow Day

31 Dec

Other possible titles for this blog post include:

Happy New Years (eve)!

Why is the Mayor so Flipping Cute?

And I Wonder Why the Mayor Doesn’t Care to be Leashed…

How I Like to Personally Encourage Bad Dog Behavior

Saturday night into Sunday, we got our first real snowfall in Rhode Island in some time! Besides sunsets, the Mayor and I also enjoy snow and couldn’t wait to get outside Sunday morning to enjoy the 6 or so inches that fell.

Catahoula in the snow

The Mayor enjoying a back yard jaunt in the snow (he put that snow in his own face, I swear).

Catahoula digging in the snow

See!..He’s so special.

encouraging bad behavior

I told him it was time to play in the yard by himself. He took offense.

catahoula hound dog 56

Nut job.

fun at Rhode Island beaches

The beach was beautifully covered in snow.

catahoula hound dog 16
A Sunday miracle, the Mayor let me take his picture at the beach.

leopard spotted dog

Cold, wet, Eskimo kisses are always appropriate.

Happy New Year everyone!


One Response to “The Mayor’s Snow Day”

  1. Phyllis Beifuss January 1, 2013 at 2:40 am #

    Just don’t take him for a ride in the car!!! Happy New Year!!!

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