Take Your Dog to Work Day

1 Mar

Today is Employee Appreciation Day, aka bring your dog (or your loaner dog, doesn’t matter) to work day. Shy, handsome Clyde joined me today in my office today to celebrate such.

Catahoula at work
Clyde came prepared with bones, toys and a dog bed and with his ASPCA-like eyes had quickly convinced our Human Resources Manager to re-claim her box of donated dog cookies out of the office donation box.

How to Keep a Dog Contained
I initially built a makeshift barricade (as if this was the wily Mayor we were dealing with).

Clyde the Catahoula
But quickly realized that fear of the unknown was barrier enough.

The saddest eyes
This lack of barrier quickly lured in all dog lovers, only to be shunned, when Clyde rejected mostly all of them, in favor of a seat behind my office chair.

Special Dog
I told Clyde that it was okay that he was extremely selective in his pet-worthy people. There’s a lot of weird people here and they all think they’re the dog whisperer. “Dogs usually love me.” I’ve heard more than once today…Well not this one. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Petting Clyde
Clyde even got to come to a pizza party.

Black and White Catahoula
And shocked and amazed everyone by not eating the pizza in his very near reach.

Saddest Eyes In America
This employee sure did appreciate, bringing old sad eyes into work today, telling everyone his tale of highway rescue and bringing joy to a very select group of people.


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