Summer Hiking in New Hampshire

26 Jun

welch dickey mtn

Can you find the Mayor and his blue pack?

This past weekend we did the Welch-Dickey loop hike in Thornton, NH. It was awesome because you went down a different way then you came up, which made for new scenery and a guessing game for when we would reach the bottom.

Jax and Tex

We had our loaner dog in tow (Jax) and with a 40 minute car ride from the B’s Belmont house, the day admittedly started out a little dodgy. Poor Jax. Poor anyone who had to listen to the excited (?) whine of the Mayor.

Tex hiking

Things started off easy enough. We made the Mayor carry his own water (in plastic bags) and treats in his hiking pack. He got a lot of comments on his pack throughout the day. Little did our commenters know that the pack was our emergency, backup insurance that we would have a restful trip home.

hike nh

The first peak meant nothing to the Mayor. Clearly.

granite state hike

But things got more exciting when we started scaling some granite slabs.

welch dickey hike 2

Not so exciting that you’d want to stop for too many pictures…but exciting.

welch dickey crevices

Don’t tell him I told you, but the Mayor required a little boost in a couple narrow rock crevice situations.


My sources tell me we were about 2,200 feet high at one point.

lab photo bomb

Jax photo bomb!

tired hiking dog

And we finally got the Mayor to take a load off. Things were working out just as planned.

blue eye brown eye

I should mention that we were under strict orders to keep Senor Jax on a leash, because he, like the Mayor, likes to hike solo, only sometimes his extended journey’s fool his mom and dad into thinking he’s gone for good. There was also a lot of cliffs on this hike, so that was motivation to keep little Jax in check. Everyone we passed assumed Jax was a puppy and was still learning how to hike (maybe he is a puppy, Rachel…) and I let them believe that.

looking back at welch mtn

Once we traversed the top of the cliffs to Dickey mountain, we looked back on Welch mountain.

Jax and the pack

On the way down, Jax started acting up, so we put him on pack duty.

sleepy dogs

And alas, victory.


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