Martha’s Vineyard

3 Jan

Alternative post titles include ‘Better Late Than Never’ (we took this trip in the fall) and ‘So What If I Was Too Lazy To Retrieve These Photos Off My Real Camera (The Plight of the Smartphone User)’.

Martha's Vineyard Sunset at the Beach

This was actually our first really big overnight outing with the Mayor. Sure he’s been lots of places in the car for overnights, but he’s never been on a ferry or stayed overnight at a place where we didn’t personally know the owner.

When we arrived at the ferry terminal, which I ridiculously thought was where you catch the ferry, we had to park and take a bus to the ferry. Being that it was noon on a Friday, the friendly bus drivers waited until the buses were full to drive the buses to the docks, causing us to miss our first ferry. The Mayor was very jolly and interactive on the bus,, taking  the ride way easier than he usually does. Lukcy for us when we arrived at the ferry, we found that there was a cargo ferry with our name on it.


We brought the Mayor’s Thundershirt, just in case things got dodgy.

Ladies manThe Mayor was, of course, and especially in his shirt, a big hit with the ladies.

Black Dog Martha's Vineyard

We made our way to some popular destinations like The Black Dog Tavern.

MV Jeep

And rented a very small jeep… but the Mayor didn’t mind; he likes close quarters.

Jeep Ride

MV HIke 2

We took our own self-guided tour of the island, featuring a walk to some great views. (Yes, he’s wearing the shirt again, shhh don’t tell the Jeep rental guy we had a dog in the car. Phhh. Does he even know who the Mayor is?)

MV Hike

View from MV Hike

The view from the end of the walk.


Jeep Ride


We also stopped at a lovely farmer’s market.

MV Farmer's Market

MV Catahoula

And even met a Catahoula Beagle mix! What are the chances?

Martha's Vineyard Lighthouse

We saw beautiful coastlines and lighthouses.

MV 3

Blogger The Mayor of Crazytown

And captured all the great moments for the blog.

MV Family

A lovely time was had by all.


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