17 Feb

Apologies for the absence. The Mayor, E and I have been keeping very busy here in snowy New England.

Some of us a little too busy. Like when I came home to find out the Mayor had made some minor alterations to my favorite Christmas present this year.


ImageThe Artist in Progress

not even guilty


saucy pants2

So much hipper now, without that lame pom-pom.

catahoula in the snow

After that I took the subtle hint that I was boring the Mayor this season.

snow dog1

Let us all never forget that a tired Catahoula is a well-behaved Catahoula.

catahoula mirror image

But two tired Catahoula’s is a much more significant endeavor.

Catahoula Gif

(They’re fighting over a “snowball” or “snow turd” as someone without a positive attitude might say.)

who us

Who us? No, we don’t play with that kind of snow.

dogs in the yardWe do wrestle.

IMG_8014We stalk each other.

IMG_8007And we spend endless hours begging to go back outside.

But snow turds?

You’ve got to be kidding me.

sleepy dogs


One Response to “Snowballs”

  1. Lori February 25, 2014 at 6:33 pm #

    Too cute!!!

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