What the heck is a Catahoula?

Tex and Clyde are both Leopard Spotted Catahoula Hound dogs. They’re not really hounds according to Wikipedia, but that’s what everyone refers to them as. If you took Tex on a hunting trip, you might write a strongly worded letter to Wikipedia, because he’s very small animal intense and hound like.

Tex is about 55 lbs and Clyde weighs in closer to 70 lbs.

Both attract a lot of attention together because of their unique looking coat which is a silver gray with black spots similar to merle coats in other dogs. I pretty much died when I saw a merle Great Dane walking down the street one day (I re-named him “Giant Clyde”).

Giant Clyde above, Clyde below.

Tex here.

Both of our Catahoula’s are hilarious, loyal, and very different, and that’s just why we love them.

Read more about this breed at the Wikipedia article.


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